Before you engage a Strata Management Company to assist with the running of your Scheme, we believe it’s important to know a little about the people behind the business.

When we started Prestige Property back in 2009, we decided from day one that we wanted to deliver much more than the minimum service level that seemed to be the norm – where you only see the strata manager once a year at the AGM or speak to the property manager when the tenant is moving out. Between us, we have extensive experience in the building and property sectors; have completed relevant accreditation and training, and we’re members of the Strata Community Association. We feel our extensive experience and qualifications help to ensure that we deliver a high quality and informed level of service to our clients. We are also quite unique in being able to provide property management services for our owners corporation lot owners who have investment properties.



Officer in Effective Control


Owners Corporation and Property Management
Estate Agent and accredited Owners Corporation Manager
19 years of property sales and management
Reading, movies and family time


To offer a prestige service and support to strata communities, we strive to provide efficient and diligent financial management and administration, proper management of common property and ensure its well-maintained and protected. Our team manages Owners Corporation property projects as to improve the value of our client's properties.


When you engage Prestige Strata Melbourne, you’ll receive:

  • Courteous and timely responses to enquiries
  • Regular site inspections and building reports to ensure that issues are identified and scheduled for repair as required
  • Efficient administrative management of meeting documentation
  • Diligent management of compliance requirements
  • Transparent management of finances

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