Supporting Owners

As an owner, we know how important your property is to you. While it needs the utmost protection, it should also be given the chance to grow and prosper, and help you achieve your financial goals. We know the very last thing you need is a lacklustre strata management service, one that is either too costly, convoluted, slow to respond, impersonal or at worse, all of the above.

Here at Prestige Strata, we go against this grain. We not only recognise the vital role you play in contributing to your owners corporation, but seek to go beyond with support specifically tailored to your needs and desires. As such, we have developed a range of service commitments that clearly illustrate how we differ from other strata management companies.


Our service commitments:

  • We will take the time to fully understand your needs and wishes for your property
  • We will focus on both growing and protecting your asset
  • We will help plug your legislative knowledge gaps
  • We will be honest about our service fees
  • We will always offer a service with a deep people focus
  • We will provide you with superior management technology to make your life easier

Another key advantage for you as a lot owner is our ‘one-service’ provider offering. For ease, we’ve gathered a team of experts to provide you with multiple services under one umbrella. It’s our way of simplifying the property management process.

We can also work directly with owners corporations and strata committees, so your concerns are addressed and resolved sensitively and quickly. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arranging property maintenance
  • Conducting meetings
  • Preparing & distributing meeting notices & minutes
  • Maintaining strata records according to current legislation
  • Submitting insurance claims
  • Serving by-law compliance notices
  • Handling enquiries on your behalf

Other Services