Across Australia, an estimated 63% of households own some kind of pet with 53% owning a dog and/or cat – which means more than half of all Australian homes include a four-legged friend.

Here are some tips.

1.    Socialize your pet

Dogs that are untrained and unsocialised tend to be noisy, anxious and unpredictable, making them more difficult to live with. Introducing your dog from an early age (i.e. puppy days) to a variety of experiences in a positive and safe environment will enable him/her to learn how to be confident and friendly. For more information on puppy socialization, visit

2.    Keep your dog busy when they’re home alone

Most dogs spend most of their day sleeping, although this can differ depending on the breed and age of the dog. Other activities that your dog may do when they are home alone include playing with toys, other household items and other animals in the household, as well as eating. Therefore to prevent boredom, you can give a safe, engaging toy (e.g. Kong dog toy), hide low-fat, nutritious treats for your pet to find or even leave the television or radio on when your pet is home alone.

3.     Manners matters

It is important to move your dog through the communal areas with care to prevent stress, fear or mess. If your dog does make a mess, be sure to clean it up immediately.

Remember that not everyone is going to love your pet as much as you do.