Settlement Services

Settlement Services

Perpetual Strata Management offer a suite of strategic services to the residential property sector servicing the Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland residential property markets.

We work closely with developers to deliver a tailored purchaser experience post sale to achieve successful settlement outcomes with a customer service focus.

Our services are easily tailored to suit the size of your project and our commitment to customer services means you will receive a premium service every step of the way.

Our settlement services include

Settlement Management

 Pre-Settlement Inspections

 Preparation and management of defect reports

 Defect liability period management

 Valuation inspections and reporting

 Customer experience strategy

 Reporting and Analysis

 Key handover services

 Scheduling and attendance at purchaser inspections

Community engagement and development

 Project Marketing Strategy

 Financing and broker referrals

 Preparing project specific settlement information packs and FAQs

 Weekly project and settlement risk reporting

 Purchaser information sessions

 Undertaking and reporting on builder’s defect inspection

 Tailored, ad-hoc support to in-house teams

 Proven effective communication plans and plan reviews.

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